Reason and the Freedom of Speech

Reprinted from The Constitutionalist One of the things we in higher education do is write about ourselves and our circumstances. Whether it’s the

The Maldistribution of Wealth

Cognizant that most Americans still know that communism leads to poverty and oppression, those who would make America communist push instead for

Modeling the Money Supply

When economists model the supply of a good or service, they usually describe how its availability on the market responds to its

A Skeptic Confronts False Prophets

Reprinted from Law & Liberty ohn McWhorter has written an important book—a heretical book, really, because in today’s America, black men are anathema

A Way Out

Politicians avoid talking about Social Security because they see no way to fix it without imposing a significant cost on workers, retirees,

Every Curve Flattened

Yesterday, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen addressed the mounting problems in European energy markets. On Twitter, blaming Russia for “manipulating”