Iron Condor Vs. Short Strangle

It's a core tenant of how options are priced, and it's often the trader with the most accurate volatility forecast who wins in

Short Gamma vs. Long Gamma

Those are:  Delta Theta Vega Gamma Today, we're talking about gamma, which is often described as the "delta of delta." We know that delta measures an option's

Wide, flat SPX Diagonal Spread

I always wanted to have a mechanism that scans the market for specific SPX diagonals and alerts me whenever find it. That

Top features of NinjaSpread

Find the best spread combinations No matter if you are looking for spreads in a single ticker or a list of stocks, NinjaSpread can help you

SteadyOptions 2022 – Year In Review

Performance Dissected Check out the Performance page to see the full results. Please note that those results are based on real fills, not hypothetical performance,