Mercantilist Follies, Then and Now

Reprinted from Law & Liberty At the 2022 American Economic Forum organized by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, I had occasion to listen to an after-dinner speech about trade—more

Measuring the Spread of DEI

Reprinted from the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal A constant concern in my academic sub-field of comparative politics is how to

The Descent into Tyranny

Reprinted from Law & Liberty When you lean over in a canoe on a river, the boat tilts but then rights itself. But

Reflections on Constitution Day 2022

Frederick Douglass, the runaway slave who later became a model among abolitionists of gritty authenticity, eloquence, and persuasion, described the United States

A Constitutionalist Shift

Over the past century and a half, the federal government has quietly morphed from a government based on a constitution to a

America’s Other Constitution

On this Constitution Day 2022, I would, if I could, smack upside the head the first person who touted the notion that

Financial Stability and the Fed

The primary responsibility of the Federal Reserve is to conduct monetary policy. It manages the supply of dollars in the economy and,